If you read my post from several months ago, Breastfeeding: The struggle is real, you know that I had high hopes for exclusively breastfeeding my son that started slipping away before we even left the hospital.

Somewhere, amid the breast-is-best/fed-is-best rhetoric and my own feelings of defeat and guilt, I learned a lot. I learned how strong I can be, and what it’s like to self-advocate and push for answers.

Most importantly, I learned that when breastfeeding becomes a struggle, you don’t have to quit. You can adjust. Breastfeeding comes in many shapes and sizes. For me, it came in roughly 18-20 oz. of pumped milk a day, plus a little formula to top us off. And that is okay.

I recently had the opportunity to elaborate upon my breastfeeding journey with Lori from All About Breastfeeding. Click on the image below to listen to the interview. I hope you enjoy it!

All About Breastfeeding Podcast