I’m looking forward to tonight. Tonight is Mom’s Night Out. It took 3 years and two kids for me to figure this one out, even though it should be a no-brainer: I need me time.

You see, when Little Dude was born, I was riddled with such guilt about all the time I had to be away from him.

Having everyone constantly remind me they’re only young once didn’t help.

I reasoned that if I had to leave him 8+ hours a day for work, I had to stick to him like glue the rest of my waking moments.

Looking back, it was not an altogether pleasant time, and even today I struggle with that guilt over whether I’m best spending my time when I have to be away from my kids.

But, in an effort to find balance in all things, we have some new rules we live by. Once a month, we make time for the following:

  • Mom’s Night Out (Generally, Little Dude gets a special dinner with Dad)
  • Dad’s Night Out (Generally, Little Dude gets a special dinner with Mom)
  • Coffee Date with a Friend
  • Counseling Session for Mom
  • Date Night

And all is (mostly, in a wild and crazy way) right with the world.

What do you do to make time for you?

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay