We’ve been watching Tank’s first attempts at crawling for several months now. Shortly after he learned to roll over, he mastered being able to roll and wiggle his way around a room.

Now, he’s working on getting up on all fours. He’ll rock back and forth to test his muscles out. He’ll try to lift one leg to move it forward, and then begin this slow-motion roll when he loses his balance.

He screeches and whines and gets so frustrated. But I can see he’s making progress.

I feel his pain.

So many times in life, we’re looking for those big gains – a sign that we’re going somewhere, doing something.

As I’ve watched Tank tackle forward motion, I’m realizing more than I ever did that slow (yes, I’m going to go there) baby steps will reap great rewards.

For instance, I’ve been telling myself over and over again since I was cleared to exercise that I need to just get back in shape after the baby. I’ll go to yoga class! With what time? I’ll start to run again! But I should probably get some core strength back first. So nothing happens.

Then my friend (and one of the best yoga teachers ever) began her yearly Ab Challenge. Yes! I jumped on board. And failed.

And then said “Dammit, I’m not falling backwards again.” So I restarted the challenge. And it’s taken me well over a month to complete the month-long challenge. But two days ago, I checked in on my progress and DOUBLED my plank time from 30 seconds to a minute. So even my fledgling attempts at progress have been adding up.

I’ve been approaching the milestone (9 months) when I quit breastfeeding Little Dude. Somewhere deep down, I’m sure that’s getting to me too. But you know what? Each day, I show up. Each day, I keep on pumping. If I have a bad day, I throw in a power pump and hydrate. And so far, so good.

No matter what it is in life, from learning to crawl to motivating yourself to dealing with a mountain of responsibilities, you’re never failing if you’re moving forward. You only fail if you stand still and don’t even try.

Image by Laura Retyi from Pixabay