Since becoming a mom, I’ve enjoyed participating in several Facebook mom groups.

They’ve built me up, answered questions about all manner of new mom puzzles, and even made me laugh on a bad day.

One day I noticed a disturbing trend as I was scrolling through posts. Not trolls. Not bullying. Worse…


Over and over again, I would see posts that began “I’m sorry for asking so many questions today, but…” or “I’m sorry, I know this gets asked a lot, but…”

All of a sudden one day it hit me: Enough. I’m tired of seeing posts like that.

I’m done being sorry. We should never have to be sorry for genuinely being curious or needing help.

So ladies, stop apologizing. Whether you’re doing it to try and appear polite, or you really do feel like you’re a burden and you’re asking too many questions, just stop.

Words matter, and when you apologize for questions and actions you have every right to take, you’re secretly reinforcing this idea that your thoughts, worries, and curiosities don’t matter as much as the next person’s.

That really, you shouldn’t have to ask.

That you’re bothering others.

That you should have it figured out.

And that, my fellow mothers, is bullshit.

From one mom to another, your questions matter. We’re here to help. As often and as much as you need it.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

And if they do, leave and find another support system.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay