During the 9 months I spent exclusively pumping for Little Dude, I spent a lot of my pump time interacting with other moms in an EP Facebook group. I enjoyed passing along the things that I had learned through trial and error to the other moms in the group. Over time, I noticed a trend: I seemed to be recommending the same handful of products and the same few sources of information over and over again. It was no accident; most new moms had the same doubts and questions, and the same resources served them well. I decided to collect my go-to resources in one place; I hope they are as useful for you as they were for me! (Check back frequently – I’ll add updates as I find useful resources.)

KellyMom: Exclusively Pumping (aka: everything you wanted to know about exclusive pumping but didn’t know who to ask!)

This site provided exactly what it promised: everything I wanted to know about exclusive pumping. When I decided to make the switch, I had so many questions about setting up a schedule and feeding pumped breastmilk. I learned enough from KellyMom to formulate a plan that worked for me, and to tweak that plan when I needed to. This is a must-read for pumping moms! Browse the rest of the site for other research-based guidance for breastfeeding mothers.

The All About Breastfeeding Podcast

Lori J. Isenstadt’s podcast is a great listen for lactation specialist and nursing mothers. I have learned so much about breastfeeding through her long-form interviews – enough to guide my own journey and allow me to pass information along to my friends. I have also learned a lot about giving myself grace as a new mom from the moms who have joined her and shared their stories.

Exclusively Pumping Moms Private Group on Facebook

This was by far one of the best online support groups I joined. Mom groups notoriously spiral into mom-shaming land, but NOT this group! You have to apply to join, and each post must be approved by one of the group’s admins. The result is a positive, supportive community to boost you up on a bad day and encourage you toward your goals.

TSA Guidelines for Traveling with Children

I have referred so many EP moms to this article! So much misinformation circulates about traveling with pumps and milk. While several poorly handled incidents have, of course, made the news, TSA guidelines protect your right to to pump and feed your baby. I traveled through airport security for two separate trips while pumping, and these guidelines reassured me that I would be able to bring all of the equipment and milk I needed.

Pump Log App

There are so many apps out there for tracking everything about your baby. This one worked for me. I was able to log the time and duration of each pump, and how many ounces I pumped from each breast. I could easily see daily totals and daily and weekly stats. Had I been able to stock a freezer stash, the app would have also calculated when I could stop pumping and still reach my goal.

World’s Okayest Moms Podcast

Sometimes we all need a reminder that we’re all doing okay. The moms on this podcast celebrate the ups AND downs of motherhood. I binge listened to the episodes when I first returned to work; they were a lifeline on the crazy days.

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