Mom Guilt is a powerful thing. Even before I gave birth, I was blindsided one day with the guilt of “abandoning” my Little Dude to return to work. That’s right: he was still nestled deep within my womb and already the Mom Guilt was alive and thriving.

After the tears, logic (briefly) took over, and I decided to make myself a constant reminder about why this was the best choice for our family. I hope you can find something of value in my list.

When I miss my Little Dude at work, I remember:

I desire to contribute to society beyond my home.

That desire didn’t go away when I had a kid, and work fulfills this need. When I contribute to society, I feel a sense of wholeness/purpose that fuels a positive outlook on life. Positivity = a happy Mommy.

I am happiest when provided with intellectual stimulation and challenging problems to solve.

Again, this didn’t go away when I had a kid, and work fulfills this need. When I am happiest, my actions and interactions with my son/family are infused with this positive energy.

I desire adult interaction.

It’s probably best not to rely solely on my husband for this interaction – for both our sakes! The adult interaction that accompanies working allows me to return home recharged and ready for child interaction. When I return recharged, I have the energy to care for and interact with my son/family.

I am contributing to the financial welfare of our entire family.

My son benefits from this stable financial situation. When our financial needs are met, we can eat, maintain a safe and comfortable home, and make family memories.

I am exposing my son to other adult caregivers/authority figures.

His daycare situation fulfills this need. When he is exposed to other caregivers/authority figures, my son learns he is an independent person, and he gains a greater breadth of social interactions.

I am broadening my son’s horizons.

Through being in a different environment with a different caregiver, my son is being exposed to personalities, games, and situations he would otherwise not experience. When he is exposed to these things, his horizons are expanding in ways that I, as one individual, could not possibly provide by myself.

My son is being socialized by playing with the other children in the daycare situation.

When he is socialized with other children, he is learning to interact with and trust them. I believe this is an important life skill. Plus, he may even be having fun!

I desire home/work separation to practice balance in my life.

For the time being, I decided against seeking to work from home in order to achieve work/home separation. Work remains the priority during working hours. When I return home from work, I want the ability to devote quality time and attention to my son/family (dinner, bath time, story time, etc.). Whenever I do this, we can create special family memories.