Happy Inspiration Wednesday!

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This week, I’d like to share with you the book that made all the difference during our first few months home from the hospital:

The Happiest Baby on the Block, by Dr. Harvey Karp.

In his book, which is an easy, user-friendly read, Dr. Karp discusses all the reasons he has come to consider the first three months after birth the fourth trimester.

In light of this view, he discusses ways parents can simulate the warm, comforting environment of the womb, practically guaranteeing a more content baby.

Most of his suggestions make intuitive sense once you think about them, but the way he advises doing things might not be as obvious. For instance, I already knew that rocking or dancing could sooth a fussy newborn, but did not realize the vigor with which I would have to move to really get that newborn’s attention!

True story: my husband came home from work one evening and walked in on me blaring Katy Perry at top volume, and bopping around like a crazy person, but Little Dude was cuddled up in my shoulder and the tears were slowly fading.

I confess: I did not read the book cover-to-cover. I actually ran out of time before we had a real-live crying baby home and waiting to be soothed. However, we applied many of Dr. Karp’s techniques, from movement to swaddling, and they really do work! They’re not a cure-all, but when applied properly they dramatically reduce the time and effort it might otherwise take to sooth a baby.

His book, plus a set of swaddle blankets to go with it, has become one of my go-to gifts for a first time mom.

Have you tried some of Dr. Karp’s techniques? How well did they work for you?