Did you know Jewel put out a lullaby CD, and it’s pretty awesome?

The CD is titled simply Lullaby, and I can’t remember how I first found it. I think I was on the hunt for something that was palatable for an adult on multiple listens. Something with substance, yet still soothing.

Enter Jewel.

While not my only choice for soothing little sleepers, Jewel’s Lullaby has been on heavy rotation when I rock Tank to sleep (which doesn’t happen as often as you’d think – both my kids cuddle, but would rather roll over and curl up on their own to actually do their sleeping).

My favorite track is “Forever and a Day (Always).” Check out the lyrics – aren’t they sweet? And go listen – words alone don’t do it justice‚Ķ

The other day you asked me to
Tell you how much I love you.
Oh but words so often fail,
To describe the depth and scale,
and even though it may sound cliche,
I’ll tell you know it my simple way.

My love is as true as the oceans are blue,
and I always feel this way.
Just listen to the beating that keeps repeating.
My heart wants to say
Like Gala and Dali, it’s you and me,
Forever and a day.
Forever and a day,

You watch me turn out the light,
Wrap my arms around you, say good night.
Trace our shadows on the wall.
Thank God for the miracle of it all.

The road of life winds
With the passing of time.
I can hear you say,
“How can hearts know
where love will go
beyond today?”

Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay