Coffee. The miracle nectar of moms the world over.

I will always, always splurge on good coffee.

Why? Because without coffee, I wouldn’t even be a functioning human being today.

Tank woke me up for no apparent reason at 2-ish last night. We did a diaper change. I nursed him. Thankfully, that’s all it took to get him back to bed.

The husband let me sleep an extra 15 minutes while he showered, and the kids cooperated with that. Even so, when it was time to become a functioning member of society I was dragging today.

Before I had my coffee, I dropped a bottle of water I’d intended to mix formula with on the floor (thank goodness it was only the water), and dropped a (thankfully closed) box of fried chicken intended for our lunches. My voice was raspy. I was a walking zombie.

Coffee to the rescue.

One of our ultimate favorite coffees is Manatee Coffee Caribbean Delight. It’s smooth and slightly nutty with a hint of coconut. I’ll brew a pot – with help from Little Dude, who gets the biggest kick out of hitting the grind button on our amazing grind-and-brew coffee pot.

Less than 5 minutes later, I’m savoring a cup of warm, comforting goodness. And I feel (almost) ready for the next crisis.

Image by Craig Melville from Pixabay