When pumping takes over your life, and you’re more determined than anything to provide food for your baby, you do some strange things. Things like:

  1. Manually pumping at 30,000 ft. with nothing but a swaddle cloth to hide the “evidence”
  2. Pumping in the middle of a bridal suite after a wedding, with your dress peeled down, stubbornly digging in your heels while the poor bus boy insists you have to move so he can clean the room
  3. Hauling pump, parts, ice pack, and bottles with you every time you leave the house, even if you’ll “just be a few minutes” because you never know
  4. Crying over spilled milk in the middle of the night
  5. Manually pumping at the beach on a family holiday
  6. Pumping while driving, praying a cop doesn’t pull you over and force you to do some serious explaining
  7. Fumbling around in the dark for the rest of your clothes after the lights go out on you while you’re pumping at work
  8. Storing your milk in an empty 1% milk container because you’ve forgotten all your bottles and bags again
  9. Downing 3 sets of herbal supplements, more lactation cookies than you’d like to count, gatorade, Ovaltine, and oatmeal on a daily basis in a desperate attempt to eke just a few more drops
  10. Dancing and singing like a half-dressed idiot because mommy needs to pump and baby’s had enough and nobody else is home, praying he’ll hold off really screaming for five more minutes

Pump on, pumping moms! Any fun stories to share?

breast pump and milk

That’s not cow’s milk!