I LOVE all (ok, most) of the busy in my life, but there just isn’t a lot of time left over for blogging these days.

SO, to keep my momentum up, I’m setting a timer several times a week to share what’s on my mind. Raw. Mostly unedited. Because that’s all the time I can give right now, but I love my blog.

When something doesn’t fit into the box you put it in, you adjust. You pivot. That’s one of my tactics for managing life that I’ve learned this year. If something doesn’t work the way you always thought it would, you pivot. And pivot again. And when you least expect it, you’ll find what works.

Take exercise. With my first little one, I spent 9 months in maternity clothes AFTER I gave birth. I SWORE things would be different this time. That I would lose the baby weight this time and be back in “normal” clothes faster. I purged my closet. I was good to go by the time I went back to work at 3 months.

But finding the time to exercise is hard. And stress eating is easy.

So I finally gave myself some grace. Here’s the takeaway:

1) What’s the rush? I’ve heard it before, and I believe it more and more every day: we need to reject this societal notion that we need to “bounce back” from our pregnancies. No. There is no bouncing. We need to take it slow and give ourselves some grace.


2) We need to take baby steps to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Because going somewhere at a crawl is better than going nowhere. For me, that became doing about 5 minutes of ab exercises each night. And taking laps around my office using the Charity Miles app during the day. And making several smarter eating choices each day. Small steps. Not perfection. But it feels way better than telling myself each day “Man, I really need to make time to exercise. But when?”

And I leave you with that today, because my 5 minutes is up.

Grace and baby steps, mamas. Grace and baby steps.

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay