My name is Jennifer. I am a mother of one, but before I was a mother, I was a lot of other things: student, teacher, employee, girlfriend, wife, dreamer, thinker, and doer. Since Little Dude was born almost seven months ago, I have been trying to find myself again – to find the new me amid the wonderfully chaotic turn my life has taken.

I would love for you to join me on my journey as I explore how best to balance work, home, and me time. Oh yeah, and Exclusively Pumping 5-6 half-hour sessions a day to partially supply my son with milk. It will not be easy, but it will be real.

To kick things off (and maybe motivate me to actively post for a few days), I invite you to join my 30×30 challenge!

One of the things I struggled with from day one, and still struggle with more than I care to admit, is taking me time. And no, we aren’t talking peace and quiet to fold the laundry time, but genuine kick-back-and-do-something-just-for-me time. I feel like that’s one of the first areas of my life to suffer when my plate gets full.

Over the next thirty days, I will explore and share thirty ways to take thirty minutes of me-time to relax, have fun, and rejuvenate. Because really, we all should be able to find thirty minutes for ourselves in day. In theory.

Oh yeah, and I’m totally counting starting this blog as today’s me time. It’s only sort of cheating, right?