Little Dude was down for the count today, still recovering from the head cold/yuck that struck us both this weekend.

He seemed on the mend, but since he kept doing this cough-gasp-cough-gasp thing, I decided the copay was worth the peace of mind, and we paid a visit to the pediatrician this morning.

NOTE: You are never, ever over-reacting if your gut says call the doctor. A good pediatrician (and we are blessed to have one) will never make you feel bad for playing it safe as a mom.

Everything checked out, and the pediatrician reminded me to make Little Dude more comfortable while the sick runs its course.

I thought I’d share a few things that have soothed Little Dude’s colds time and again.

Disclaimer: Even though this is all common, over-the-counter kid stuff, remember to always consult your pediatrician before starting a care regimen.

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1. Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifiers help ease respiratory conditions, and we tend to run one whenever we run the heat for extended periods of time, or when Little Dude is super congested.

If you run a humidifier in your little one’s nursery, make sure to follow these guidelines for safe usage.

2. Nose Frida

I was skeptical, but the Nose Frida has turned out to be the most effective way to clear Little Dude’s congestion (until he learns how to blow his nose). We tried bulbs and syringes, but never had much luck. The Nose Frida gets the job done – smiling baby not included.

NOTE: You’ll want some extra filters too; I rinse and reuse a filter for a few days, then replace it completely once the sickness runs its course.

3. Saline Spray

I tried Little Remedies Saline Mist spray for the first time today, and man, I wish I switched to a mister ages ago!

Before today, I would try to drip drops of a regular saline spray in Little Dude’s nose, but I was always afraid of “drowning” him in saline gunk.

The mister is so easy to use, and it’s more of a controlled spray. Paired with the Nose Frida, Little Dude was breathing easier in no time.

4. Boogie Wipes

This is another product I was skeptical about before I became a mom. I mean, really, just use a tissue!

I still swear by tissues, or my shirt sleeve, or anything else that’s handy when Little Dude’s nose starts running. However, when we’re “snot sucking” with the Nose Frida, the Boogie Wipe is a great way to clean both the Nose Frida and the leftover “junk” from Little Dude’s face.

5. Chest Rub

Definitely make sure you’re using a child-friendly chest rub, and definitely check with your doctor on this one, as I’ve heard mixed reviews about children and chest rubs.

However, we got the okay from the doctor, and a little chest rub helped Little Dude rest easier.

6. Warm Liquids

The doctor actually recommended heating up apple juice, since most babies don’t like tea. However, I have the strange child who prefers herbal tea and warm chicken or vegetable broth to juice. Warm (not hot) liquids help Little Dude stay hydrated when he’s not wanting his milk.

7. Zarbee’s Cough Syrup

This stuff really works to help soothe that pesky cough that often accompanies a head cold. It definitely helped Little Dude relax and get some rest today.

NOTE: Read the age warning on this one; Zarbee’s contains honey and is only safe for ages 1 and up.

Next time your little one isn’t feeling well, I hope one of our tried-and-true tricks works for you.

Do you have any go-to, feel-better remedies that get you through cold season? Share them below – I’d love some more ideas!