I was thinking last night. Thinking is dangerous, especially when you’re supposed to be drifting off to sleep, but sometimes you just can’t stop your brain. 

Anyway, I was thinking how lucky I was to get to experience “actual” labor with Tank. 

With Little Dude, I had a few pitiful little contractions on my own. Technically I was “in labor,” but labor never really got going until I was hooked up to a pitocin drip at the hospital.

With Tank, despite needing a C-section at the end of the journey, I got to experience the slow, natural progression of labor in the comfort of my own home. 

Now, as I prepare to coach other mothers as they prepare for this experience, I am grateful I know what laboring at home is like. 

As I was thinking about this, my thoughts turned to all the moms I have connected with throughout my journey who did not get this experience. 

It’s a regret that surfaces frequently: I never labored, never got to experience real contractions, etc.

Unpopular opinion time. Because it hit me as I was lost in my own thoughts last night…

Moms, we ALL labor to bring our beautiful babies into this world. We spend 10 months growing increasingly more uncomfortable in our own skins. Vomiting. Slugging through sciatica or back pains or round ligament pain or any number of other issues. 

I think that more than qualifies as labor. 

I don’t say this to negate the feelings of anyone who feels cheated out of active labor. Only to offer a different perspective. Because needing pitocin to start or augment labor, or even needing to schedule a C-section, does not mean you didn’t “labor” by the definition of labor. 

Every single thing you do to bring your baby into this world is LABOR, moms. So celebrate all of it.

Image by David Wagner from Pixabay