When we follow public figures, it’s easy to forget that underneath her accomplishments, accolades, and spoken words is a human being with her own share of struggles and insecurities.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when a public figure tears down the veil, exposing her flaws and less-than-perfect moments for the world to see.

It takes courage to challenge the comfortable understanding the world has of you, the bias that either lends itself to hatred or hero worship.

When Michelle Obama’s Becoming found its way to the top of my audiobook queue, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was read by the author. Who better than to narrate her story than Michelle Obama herself?

The further into her journey towards the White House I get, the more surpised I become at how open and honest she is about her insecurities, prejudices, mistaken choices, and struggles.

From the drive to perfection she was blind to for so long, to her IVF journey, to even her husband’s shortcomings and her doubt over his decisions to run for office, Obama narrates her journey in a way that strips away perfections.

She allows for the idea that we can have doubts, misgivings, and disagreements in our lives without totally discounting the joys they are intertwined with. Her story reminds me that even the giants among us are human, and that to be human means to have flaws. That we can be flawed and still be good people.

Definitely one of the most enjoyable books I’ve picked up this year.