It’s only fitting that today’s inspiration Wednesday post gives a shout out to the students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School, who have led the youth of our nation on a movement to end school violence.

I am a product of the public school system and taught high school for nine years. However, I have become so disillusioned with the system that one of my fears is how we are going to handle Little Dude’s schooling when he reaches that point.

While I haven’t made my mind up yet, and we have a long way to go before we get there, I do take heart that so many public school students are emerging as articulate, passionate, and politically motivated in the wake of such tragedy.

I hope today’s walkout makes a difference!

toddler holding pumpkin

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What do you cling to when you worry about your child’s future/future schooling/etc.?

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